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The Pain Landscape website is an initiative by Mark J. Field owner of Analgesic Innovation. 


How was the Pain Landscape collated?


The data were accumulated from an open innovation project creating an overview of the conditions associated with pain directed by Mark J. Field, Emilio Quetglas and John Bothmer whilst working at Grunenthal. It represents 8 years of work, bringing together input from pain experts around the world. 


The question 'how many conditions are related to pain' was often asked but proved difficult to answer with surprising limited data available on this important topic. Thus, the project was started to collate these conditions with the help of external experts to both contribute and validate the list.


This work was presented at the 17th IASP World congress.

Quetglas E, et al. Development of an online resource for researchers and clinicians involved in pain research. IASP, Boston sept 12-16, 2018; abstract PSN032;pp156

The Pain Landscape graphics are created by Bethany Field Designs with all rights reserved.

All Photos by Mark J. Field.




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Mark J Field

Owner / Founder of Analgesic Innovation

Neuroscientist with 30 years experience in pharmaceutical industry developing new pain medicines. 

Mark's research has contributed to over 30 compounds moving from research ideas into projects entering clinical development and helped develop the novel blockbuster analgesic Pregabalin. Find out more




The Pain Landscape is created by Analgesic Innovation

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