The Impact of Pain

Understanding the impact of pain & how the pain landscape can help patients

Pain can take over any part of the body and is described in many ways - like pulsate, radiate & electric 

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10 YEARS to Daignosis

Creating precision-analgesics™

Helping patients to gain diagnosis and treatment

A quarter of the population will suffer with chronic pain - But many will wait for 10 years to be diagnosed, living often in despair during this time without the support and help they need. A key of the cause is a lack of appreciation that pain can be from so many different conditions.

Patients need more precision-analgesics™

There is a real lack of awareness that pain is associated with over 100 different diseases and conditions. In drug development there is a focus on ~10 conditions that have a regulatory path to approval established. More precise development can be achieved by linking the target medicine to the right pain condition. Learn more

The Pain Landscape is created by Analgesic Innovation

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